That’s Your Crop

That thing you’re getting too much of–the thing you have an excess of, that’s your crop. And if it’s not something that adds something to your own self-reliance or wallet, then find the thing that requires that crop in order to live.

For example, if you have a terrible excess of wild unusable grass, get geese. Grass was your crop, and now it’s geese, because the bulk of their food is grass, and geese are both very marketable and very edible. If you have a terrible excess of weeds, find something that needs or eats those weeds. A goat perhaps?

If your new crop completely wipes out your old crop, then sell your new crop and what do you have left? Your original “problem” is solved and you made a few bucks on it, leaving you both the space and the funding to place a crop you want more.

Point me to your problem, and I will say, “That’s your crop. Now do something with it.”

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