Permaculture Design Course: 02

On this PDC journey, today we discuss the early planning stages of my permaculture design site. The idea is to create a similar survey for your own site. This is the result of my efforts. I’ve removed the URL to my references, but in your own site analysis, you may want to include them.

Climate Survey


1. First and last average frost date:

Last frost date: 30 June (21-30), first frost date: 11 Sep (11-20 Sep)1

2. Average annual rainfall and average annual snowfall:

Average rain: 15 inches. Snowfall: 47 inches

3. Average lowest yearly temperature:

13 degrees (Fahrenheit)

4. All time record low temperature (what year?):

-27° (1971)

5. Average highest yearly temperature (in what month?):

87 degrees2

6. All time record high temperature (what year?):

103° (2002)

7. Any other interesting climatic data you run across:

75% of our annual precipitation comes in snowfall in winter. That might be useful if we can find a way to harvest snowfall for water storage.

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