Garden Themes

One of the fun aspects of doing a food forest or forest garden is that with the wide diversity of plants needed to maintain a healthy polyculture ecology, there are TONS of different focuses you can put into different parts of your yard. 

Most people have heard of having a kitchen garden, salsa garden, or herb garden, but there are many other kinds of gardens you can have in a perennial garden. Some that we recommend include a Christmas garden, Thanksgiving garden, Halloween garden (we really can go through most holidays), fairy garden, jelly garden, wildlife garden, butterfly garden, hummingbird garden, zen garden… I think you get the picture. 

To see lists of perennial food plants that could work well for your themed garden, hover over the menu item “Garden Themes” (or tap it on a mobile device) and select one of the garden themes. The number of themes and the number of gardens will grow with time as new episodes are released.

Happy gardening!